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Eight Settlers is a marriage between the traditional western vintage look of the 1850’s with the more modern twist of the second industrial revolution. Our vision and idea derived from the early settlers who founded Union in 1849 to the emergence of the settlements of Butler Bench, Poverty Flats and Danish Town. These settlements inspired us to design a space unique and creative, likely to please even the most discerning. We played with our use of space and divided it into thematic rooms and areas that are a tribute to the settlers and settlements that originally developed between 1848 and 1872 in the area where Eight Settlers currently resides.

Main Floor Rooms

Danish Room


The Danish Room is a subtle tribute to Danish Town and its original settlers. This room is vibrant and elegant with a vintage European flair. Enclosed by glass walls offering a view of The Flats dining room and bar, this semi-secluded room is perfect for small gatherings.

The Flats


The Flats is a large, open dining room with rustic yet charming décor. This room is a playful take on one of the three original settlements. A series of  ‘jail cell’ private tables line one wall of The Flats, with our beautiful and vast bar adorning the other length of the room.

The Library


The Library is the most sophisticated room and a tribute to the Butler Bench settlement. From the posh furniture to the cozy fireplace, this is an intimate setting ideal for a more romantic or intimate dining experience.

The Store


The onsite store offers a variety of branded merchandise and Eight Settlers’ spirits. All items are sourced from artisans and craftsmen around the world to offer the finest quality products.
The Store is open daily. See the merchandise page for hours.


The onsite distillery distills and blends Eight Settlers spirits using old school techniques with a modern twist to produce spirits to the highest standard, using the best ingredients available. The Distillery offers guests a behind-the-scenes look at Eight Settlers’ distilling and blending process. Distillery tours and spirits tastings are offered to guests 21 and older. Call us at 385-900-4315 to schedule a tour and tasting!


The Settlers Lounge


On the upper level, The Settlers Lounge is a sophisticated room with spectacular views of the valley and canyons. The layout is perfect for dining in groups or pairs with seating areas for socializing and its own bar and fireplace; intended for adult dining only. The Settlers Lounge is a spectacular location for any type of gathering both public and private.

The Sun Room


The Sun Room is an incredibly spacious room with an abundance of sunlight, a retractable roof and vast windows so guests can enjoy the sun, moon and stars as they dine. This room is complete with
a misting system to cool you off during the hot summer days. The Sun Room offers a picturesque setting for gatherings of all sizes.