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Our Story

Six of the original eight settlers


After researching the history of Cottonwood Heights, Katia and Radu Dugala became intrigued by the rich history surrounding the early settlement of the area that is now known as Cottonwood Heights. In the mid-1800’s, eight families settled an area known at the time as Butlerville, Utah, nestled between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Amidst the Rocky Mountains and lush green valley, the families cultivated the land that was rich in timber, water, farmland, minerals and granite rock. Butlerville became vital to the valley, and as it thrived, the area became known as ‘The Place’ to be. As the area flourished, the area known as Butlerville became Cottonwood Heights in 1952, the home of Eight Settlers.

The area’s beauty and rich history inspired the creation of Eight Settlers, along with the desire to create a brand reminiscent of the pride and determination of the original settlers. We are proud to offer a brand that exemplifies a modern take on this unique historical heritage.


After owning a business in Utah and successfully pioneering a restaurant and sports bar in California for 12 years, coupled with many years of researching the distillery business, we were ready to take the big leap to fulfill our longtime dream of opening our own distillery. Radu enjoyed distilling spirits as a young boy with his grandpa in his home country of Romania, and had his mind set on distilling professionally someday.

As Utah residents for more than 26 years, starting our next venture in our home state was a logical decision. We found Utah to be a beautiful state, a wonderful place to raise our family with its welcoming and friendly residents with a strong sense of community, and an inviting place for entrepreneurship.

Our hearts and souls are immersed in Eight Settlers and finally, after so many years of planning, we have been about to see our carefully crafted dream materializing. It has been an emotional and priceless journey for both of us and we embrace the opportunity to share it.


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